Did You Know That Starbucks Uses Round Tables To Make…..

Over the years Starbucks has become a household name everyone knows and associates with variety of different coffees, white mugs with green writing on them and a homier atmosphere. The company has been rated as one of the most effective and distinguishable in the world just right after Google, Apple and Ikea. Experts claim that one of the main reasons for Starbucks’s success is the control the company exercises over its image. Everything in a Starbucks coffee shop is meant to give you an experience, a place of belonging, not just a regular cup of coffee.


The company conducted a thorough psychological research interviewing hundreds of coffee drinkers regarding their needs and desires. The results clearly showed that the coffee itself was not that essential as what people actually wanted was a place of relaxation and a special atmosphere that could make them feel at home.

Taking all this into consideration, the company created a place where every detail was carefully thought through. For example, unlike other places all Starbucks coffee shops have round tables. The strategic reason behind it is the fact that solo coffee drinkers would feel less alone this way since there are no “empty” seats at a round table.


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