Did You Know That You Will Be Able To Fully Charge Your Phone In Less Than 30 Seconds After….

More and more people chose to own a smartphone these days. But one of the most challenging burdens of owning a smartphone is to get through a single day without charging it up. Depending on the type of smartphone you have and the way you use it your battery life probably lasts between 4 and 6 hours. Although there is still no technology that can improve those characteristics it’s good to know that pretty soon you will be able to charge your phone in less than 30 seconds.

source: wikipedia.org

source: wikipedia.org

Recently a  company called StoreDot Ltd unveiled their newest technological invention at Microsoft’s “Think Next” conference in Tel Aviv that makes the charging process significantly faster. The science team of the company used special naturally found compounds called peptides and developed a supercharger with the size of a laptop.  It could be used to supercharge other items as well. It will cost you twice the money of a regular charger. Their product is planned to hit the market later in 2016.

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