Did you know that Ben Affleck was disappointed by Daredevil, calling it the only movie he…

Ben Affleck is without a doubt a great actor – his filmography features nearly 60 titles and he has a total of 48 well-earned awards, including two Oscars – one Academy Award for his writing skills in Good Will Hunting and another for producing Argo. However, when it comes to Daredevil – one of his most talked about movies, things don’t look so good.

daredevil_vs__bullseye_mu2011_ap_by_twynsunz-d4ibsgr-daredevil-on-netflix-is-going-to-be-our-new-favorite-show [Continue reading]

Did you know that This 8-Year-Old Kid Makes $1.3 Million A Year With His Viral…


Attention! If you keep reading, you might become extremely jealous of an 8 year old child! Several years ago Jared, a proud husband and father of two, started uploading entertaining videos of his son Evan playing with toys on YouTube. As it … [Continue reading]

Did you know that When a massive power outage struck southern California in the 1990s, Los Angeles residents called 911 to…


Power blackouts are quite normal for many parts of the world. In fact, they occur quite often thanks to natural disasters or simply technical prophylaxis. But when a massive blackout hit California it stirred quite the buzz in Los Angeles. … [Continue reading]

Did you know that This video of a father balancing his 6 month old son on the palm of…

Screenshot from 2014-10-28 08:44:43

The Internet is full of party tricks – some of them are extremely boring, while others are simply fantastic. And by the looks of it, the whole world thinks this new dad has a trick up his sleeve worth seeing. 32 year old Sandy Smith, proud … [Continue reading]

Did you know that The World’s most expensive Burger costs…


How much would you pay for the perfect sandwich that cost 3 weeks of preparations? Apparently the chef thinks such a work of art is worth nearly $2,000. Chris Large from the UK-based Honky Tonk fast food restaurant chain named his creation the … [Continue reading]

Did you know that You can pay this guy to…


You might find it hard to believe, but this person is actually willing to wait in line instead of you… for a fee, of course. … [Continue reading]

Did you know that Ja Rule has plans to write a microwave cookbook based on meals he made…


When a famous rapper, actor or socialite decides to write a book, it’s usually an autobiography. However, Ja Rule is planning on writing a cookbook (that’s right!) that will be based on the meals the rapper used to make when he was in prison. … [Continue reading]

Did you know that A 76 year old grandpa managed to climb a 9m high coconut tree just to escape from….


Marriage isn’t easy, as this 76 year old man knows. … [Continue reading]

Did you know that This granny claims she is able to cure eye problems by licking …


A 77 year old granny claims her tongue has healing powers. Hava Cebic from Bosnia has been in the business of eyeball licking for the past 40 years. The granny claims that her tongue has incredible curative powers and that she can basically … [Continue reading]

Did you know that GTA’s huge success is based on a glitch that occurred during the…


Let’s face it, even if you’re not a fierce gamer, you’ve experienced bugs in video or computer games. Unfortunately, there are many bugs and glitches the development teams don’t see before the company releases the game on the market. … [Continue reading]

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