Did you know that Florida town banned sagging…

Saggy trousers get banned in Florida.

Image Source: YOUTUBE

Image Source: YOUTUBE

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Did you know that Two shoplifters got caught after uploading a snapshot of the stolen…


An incredibly stupid shoplifter decided to pose on Facebook photos just hours after she and her friend stole a dress from a local store. According to official reports, Danielle Saxton and her friend visited a Mortie’s Boutique in West … [Continue reading]

Did you know that there is a single tree which grows 40 kinds of…

Photo credit: Tree of 40 Fruit / Sam Van Aken

There is a man, Sam Van Akens, that has accomplished something truly amazing. In an ongoing series to fruit trees, he has created this amazing and beautiful tree. A tree that produces forty different types of stone fruits. There are almonds, plums, … [Continue reading]

Did you know that A 9 year old boy married a 61 year old …

Screenshot from 2014-07-24 11:29:01

  Back in 2013 a young schoolboy named Saneie Masilela married a woman seven times his age. Nowadays the couple remarried again in order to make their unbelievable union “official”. … [Continue reading]

Did you know that Did you know that a Robbie Williams fan threw her prosthetic leg at…


Heather Best, a 47 year old woman working with horse races, lost her left leg back in 2010 in an accident when she was working in Glastonbury, UK. Up until 2014 she didn’t go to any concert or festival and didn’t dance. … [Continue reading]

What is realized when you stop drinking for a year

Image Source: www.sobersenorita.com

Kelly Fitzgerald was your typical young person. Full of life and fun and alcohol. Too much alcohol, and it was negatively affecting her life. She was tired of feeling bad, and tired of disappointing her friends and family. One day she decided to … [Continue reading]

Did You Know That Paul Marshallsea Who Saved Kids From A Shark Lost His….


British Paul Marshallsea was on holiday in Queensland, Australia. He was on the beach when a 6-foot shark appeared in the shallow waters all of a sudden, very close to a bunch of playing kids. Trying to protect the children, Marshallsea pulled the … [Continue reading]

Did you know that The winner of 1904 Olympic marathon hitched a ten mile ride in an auto. The 2nd place finisher attempted to boost his speed with…


More than a century ago an Olympic marathon was far worse than the running marathon millions of people take part in these days. In 1904 the participants had to run thought mud, dirty, dust and extremely scorching heat. They didn’t have cemented … [Continue reading]

Did you know that There is a man who gained the ability to recall the weather from every day he’s…


Over the course of the past few centuries there have been a small number of savant people, who weren’t born autistic, but later became genius mathematicians, musicians, painters, writers or sculptors due to developing the Savant syndrome usually by … [Continue reading]

Did you know that A brave Pitbull saved a deaf boy’s life from…

Screenshot from 2014-07-22 10:41:02

People say dogs are a man’s best friend, especially if that man is a deaf little kid, whose life is in danger. … [Continue reading]

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