Did you know that Two boys called 911 in order to speak to…

Why send out a letter to the North Pole in this modern day and age, when you can simply give Santa a call on his cell phone?

Image Source: FLICKR

Image Source: FLICKR

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Did you know that There is a company that gives employees $7,500 extra every year to take a


If you’re located in Denver, Colorado, and you’re on the look for a dream job, Full Contact might just be the best opportunity for a career. … [Continue reading]

Did you know that Justin Bieber is in for an international arrest…


Justin Bieber has really done it this time! … [Continue reading]

Did you know that This Chinese shop is banning Chinese people from…


You may find it hard to believe, but even the Chinese are discriminating against their own. … [Continue reading]

Did you know that Victoria and David Beckham’s 12 year old son just earned $71,000 from…


Back in 2002 David and Victoria Beckham’s third child, Romeo, was born in London. Apart from his gorgeous to-die-for genes, he was also blessed with an A-list celebrity lifestyle since the day he was born. Sir Elton John is his godfather and Liz … [Continue reading]

Did you know that This girl is selling her imaginary friend on…


Most of us, at least the ones who used to have imaginary pals, dumped them somewhere around the time puberty struck. However, it seems that there are still some people holding on to the non-existent friends they made up as kids. … [Continue reading]

Did you know that A Chinese man won $85 million from the lottery and disguised…

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A man decided to disguise himself as a bear – and he had a good reason for doing so! … [Continue reading]

Did you know that At least two enthusiasts have died from…


Several months ago it seemed like almost everybody had taken the infamous Ice Bucket Challenge. We say “infamous”, because it might have started as a good cause, but it definitely didn’t end well. … [Continue reading]

Did you know Jennifer Lawrence would eat garlic or tuna each time before having to kiss…

Image S

Liam Hemsworth made an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show earlier this November and answered questions sent by fans via Twitter. … [Continue reading]

Did you know that A 90 year old man and two pastors were charged for…


Arnold Abbott, a 90 year old man from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US, has been feeding homeless people for the past two decades. He was feeding some homeless earlier this November, when he was spotted by the police and arrested alongside two local … [Continue reading]

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