Did you know that This guy auctioned an advertising tattoo space on his upper arm on…

Not all of us can afford donating sufficient amounts of money to charity organizations just like Brad and Angelina. This guy, however, has come up with an interesting idea to contribute to a charity association using the auctioning website eBay.

Image Source: Ebay

Image Source: Ebay


The 23 year old man, known only by his username ”jtorking1”, placed an ad on eBay about auctioning his very own upper arm. The ad claimed that the bid’s winner would able to choose an advertising tattoo that would go on the guy’s upper arm. The income was supposed to go to two organizations – the Motor Neuron Disease Association, which is also known as ALS, and another charity fund based on the winner’s choice. Unfortunately, the guy’s ad didn’t even raise £20, which was the minimum price. Jtorking1 claimed the auction wasn’t a joke and that the advertising tattoo would forever remain inked under his skin.

Before the ALS Ice Bucket challenge went absolutely viral few people were even aware that the Motor Neuron Disease was an actual thing.

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