Did You Know That A Rare Hair Condition Teenage Sufferer Became A Chocolate Egghead To…..

Not long time ago the 15-year-old teenager Joelle Amerie became a YouTube sensation with her single music video debut Big In LA. Her video reached more than  250 000 views and is one of her proudest accomplishments. What is even more astonishing about Joelle’s story is the fact she is an alopecia sufferer.

Picture: SWNS

Picture: SWNS

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Did You Know That A Longtime Teacher Did Not Want To Unfriend Her Students On Facebook And….


The point of having a Facebook profile is to always stay  connected with your friends and relatives. Unfortunately this is what got a high school teacher booted from her job. Recently, a teacher named Carol Thebarge who has worked for over 30 years … [Continue reading]

Did You Know That A Woman Eats 51 Bananas Per Day Because She Decided It’s…


If you want to lose weight without having to endure the pain of exercising probably the best course of action is to think of a special diet. There are all kinds of diets for all kinds of different people but one Australian woman named Freelee has … [Continue reading]

Did You Know That South Korean Plastic Surgeons Issue Special Certificates To Prove People Are….


South Korean plastic surgeons are rapidly gaining fame as ones of the best in the world. What is more, their international patients need to prove their identity upon returning to their home countries as plastic surgeries have made them almost … [Continue reading]

Did You Know That A Dad Who Lost His Memory And Forgot His Family Proposed…


Damian Hammond is a 35-year-old man from England who life made go through a very hard episode. Due to an exceeding stress and a trauma which Damian had while travelling to work the man ended up in hospital. What is more, it turned out that the father … [Continue reading]

Did you know that a teenager got suspended from school for asking Miss America to be…


Would you ever risk getting kicked out of school just so you can ask a famous beauty queen out? A US kid’s actions scream “YES!” Patrick Farves, an 18 year old student at Central York High School, decided it was high time to ask a girl to be … [Continue reading]

Did you know that Charlie Sheen went hunting for the Lo…


No, this isn’t the plot for one of Sheen’s upcoming movie projects. The Hollywood actor indeed took a trip to the most famous loch in the world in order to hunt down the most famous monster of all mythical creatures in the world. During … [Continue reading]

Did You Know That A Couple Invited The British Queen To Their Wedding As A Joke But She….


John and Frances Canning, a couple from Prestwich, England, had an amazing surprise at their own wedding. The soon-to-be newly weds had booked Manchester Town Hall long before the wedding but just a few weeks before the actual ceremony they received … [Continue reading]

Did you know that a guy found a roughly 6.2 carat diamond in a …


Several years ago David Anderson heard about the notorious Crater of Diamonds State Park on The Travel Channel. He visited the park in 2007 and never left – figuratively. Anderson moved to Murfreesboro, Arkansas, in order to be closer to the … [Continue reading]

Did you know that a guy tried to hijack a plane using a Toblerone…


A young man from Finland thought one of Switzerland’s most tempting chocolate bars was a weapon for mass destruction. According to official reports, the 23 year old Antti Oskari Manselius tried to hijack a whole passenger plane with a single … [Continue reading]

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