Justin Bieber is the new face of Calvin Klein – and no, his pictures aren’t Photoshopped

2015 kicks off for Justin Bieber with a huge Calvin Klein ad. The 20 year old pop star is shown topless in the new advert for the luxurious men’s underwear. The Canadian worked alongside Dutch model Lara Stone and the famous fashion photographer Mert Alas.

Image Source: CK

Image Source: CK

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A woman was so terrified of varicose veins that she begged a doctor to perform an amputation on her legs, although there was nothing wrong

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A British mother of three from Liverpool, UK, was so scared of varicose veins that she went as far as asking her doctor to amputate her legs, although they were perfectly healthy. … [Continue reading]

This woman just celebrated a 10 year anniversary with her marital partners – her very own pet cats!

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Loving your pet is one thing, but marrying it? That’s just absolutely crazy! … [Continue reading]

This girl’s lip implant surgery went totally wrong!


A popular reality star, entrepreneur, actress and aspiring socialite was hoping to enhance her lips with the help of plastic surgeons, but didn’t get the results she was hoping for. … [Continue reading]

A guy paid $450 to save the life of his goldfish, which he bought for less than $5


We humans can become extremely attached to our pets, regardless of their size, shape or character – snakes, dogs, kittens, horses, turtles… and even goldfish. Just ask this guy for example. … [Continue reading]

One Twitter user claims Tesco’s shampoo has turned his dog pink


One Twitter user going by the nickname “Adamstone341” decided to play a little prank on UK retail giant Tesco. A small, but absolutely hilarious prank! … [Continue reading]

Meet Jen Selter – the girl who earns thousands of dollars just for posting pictures of herself on Instagram

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If you haven’t heard of Jen Selter, you’ll be shocked to realize that she’s not famous for her social status, her talents or her heritage. She’s famous for her pictures and her body. … [Continue reading]

A Chinese woman decided to “install” a stove in her car in order to keep her warm

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Not all of us have the chance to lie in the warmth and comfort of our beds. Take this woman for example. Li Xiufang, a Chinese woman from the town of Jiangcheng located Guangdong province of China, works as a saleswoman. … [Continue reading]

A teenage girl woke up during her brain surgery and reportedly asked the surgeons how they were doing


Iga Jasica, a 19 year old girl from Katowice, Poland, is making multinational headlines for the strange phenomenon, which occurred during her brain surgery. … [Continue reading]