Men, Look at Yourself and Now Look at Your Ring Finger – is It Longer than the Index?

You wonder whether you are Prince Charming; in order to check that you need to do a very simple and painless test. You need to compare the length of your ring finger with the length of your index finger. If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, then, you are one of these special men.

ring-fingers17717A man whose ring finger is longer than their index finger is more attractive for women, at least, according to a recent study published in Discovery Magazine. The study reports that the amount of testosterone that was slammed on men while they were in their mothers’ bellies determines the length of the ring finger. Nevertheless, the study discovered something more; women are not attracted by voice or smell but by men’s facial features. This means that most probably women are more attracted by the current testosterone levels in a man’s body than by the fact how much testosterone was slammed on men when they were embryos.
If a lady looks at your ring finger, she either knows about that study… or she checks if you have a ring on it.


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