Did You Know That When A Google Employee Dies…

Google is famous for having a great company policy towards its employees. They are provided with different kind of benefits such as fitness subscriptions, free food, car washes, laundry service and many more. Now they are offering something quite unique to their US employees : when a person passes away, their  spouse would receive 10 years of half pay. And this is not all Google is offering : the children of a deceased employee will be paid $1000 per month until they are 19 years old with the option of extending the time period if the child is in full time school.



Google stated the new policy is meant to ensure a family’s well being in case of unpredictable events such as sudden death, although the company would not directly benefit from it. Google’s management also pointed out that the main purpose of the policy is not to attract more potential candidates but it is yet considered as a positive side effect.



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