Did You Know That ‘Fast And Furious 7′ Is Going To Use Paul Walker….

After the tragic death of ‘Fast and Furious’ star Paul Walker a couple of weeks ago, fans have been wondering what is going to happen with the latest movie of the famous franchise. There have been rumors that Brian, Walker’s character, is going to be written out of the script. However, due to Walker’s fans’ strong desire to see their favorite actor on screen one last time, Brian is going to be a part of ‘Fast and Furious 7′. According to recent news the filmmakers are planning to use footage of Walker that has already been filmed.

An outrageous idea that involved using the real footage of Walker’s crash circulated the web but it was ignored as rather disrespectful and distasteful. ‘Fast and Furious 7′ is going to be a fitting tribute to Paul if the new modified script manages to make out as much as possible of the footage shot already. Cody Walker, Paul’s younger brother who is almost his lookalike, has been offered to replace the late actor but his decision has not been announced officially yet.


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