Did you know that A Teenager from Croatia Wakes from Coma as a…

A 13-year old girl from the town Knin in Croatia fell into a coma and woke up 24 hours later speaking perfect German. The girl’s parents explain she had been studying German at school for a while and had been watching German TV in order to improve her skills, but was far from fluent.

However, since waking from the coma, she has been unable to speak Croatian and uses German instead. The doctors who have been treating the girl have no explanation for the case and admit it is extraordinary. They are continuing to investigate to see if they can discover the cause of the unusual affliction.

Other similar incidents have been reported where people started speaking unfamiliar languages after a serious trauma or an illness, including old Babylonian and Egyptian languages. These previous cases may help the experts who are looking for a logical explanation of the teenage girl’s case.


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