Did You Know That A Man That Has Been Late For Everything In His Life Has Recently Been…

Jim Dunbar from Scotland has come late to everything in his life including some very important events such as first dates, dinner parties and funerals not to mention he has lost a number of jobs because of his being unable to ever arrive on time. All his friends and people around him have always considered him a bit of a slob never realizing what he was actually going through.


Recently, Dunbar has been diagnosed with chronic lateness : a condition that affects the part of the brain responsible for measuring how long a certain activity might take. The disorder is said to be similar in a way to ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) but doesn’t have the full spectrum of symptoms. Ironically, Dunbar was even late for the doctor’s appointment during which he was diagnosed with the unique condition.

Dunbar has stated that he wanted to speak publicly about his suffering because his diagnosis might help other people going through the same and make them realize it’s not actually their fault.



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