Alien insects are crawling down on buildings in Russia

Aliens and UFOs have been the reason for people’s fear, speculations and laughter for many decades. Photos and videos of little green/grey dwarves, spaceships and strange shapes have flooded the Internet and the news constantly.

A recent video footage shows a creature which some people in Russia consider an alien life form. During the short video of a residential building at night-time, a huge, long-legged black creature is crawling down the outer walls of the construction. The creature resembles a type of stick-insect, yet with four long limbs and a smaller body, it also calls to mind some sort of a 4-legged spider. What is obvious is that it’s so far unknown to science.
There isn’t much information about the creepy crawling creature, although reports about similar insect-like aliens have been seen by people all around Europe. Nevertheless, the footage of the “alien” is probably just another doubtful video montage.


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